The Circle

Averee Burman
3 min readApr 23, 2021


This last week I had been watching a show — The Circle on Netflix. Initially was looking for a light watch — seeking primarily a ‘comedy’ experience. I felt this would be the classic American parody where you keep laughing at the American IQ level and feel good about yourself!

However, a couple of episodes down, I was addicted. To the sheer audacity of how the participants chose to be human.

Judging a book by its cover is wrong — and so is writing someone else’s story. But what really leads to a strong bond is the impact of authenticity — how real one is, how honest and genuine one is to work on values of harmony, collaboration and togetherness and lastly how sincere one is to be true to those promises made.

What spun out, was a good old tale of bromance, friendship and the vow to have each other’s back till the end. Flirts and flirtation was avoided — brains celebrated over beauty and a healthy bond instead between the genders.

It got me thinking — isn’t that what we want too? In our personal and professional lives? Aren’t these the values we stand for too?

Professionally speaking its difficult to find allies and friends at work place. Ego takes over. Perceptions are based on how you seem ‘visible’ and ‘jovial’ to all — basically people celebrate the ‘shallow’ over the ‘real and deep’.

Its the world of deep-fakes then. Where courage does not assist one to open up and dare to be an open book. The bonds made then — would be just as shallow, right? And would they be worth it? Worth the energy and time wasted?

The Circle brought be back 360 degree to my own rooted values. The show was actually one of the multiple signs I had been greeted with this last month — on how vulnerability and authenticity guides you to the right kindred spirits.

On one hand, there are the twin horns of Resident Ego — the pallbearer of what is right that is subjective unto itself. Yet they feel it’s their right to impose their version of ‘right’ onto others. What I have realized that ‘fakes’ love conformity and the herd mentality — to follow the path only known to all and therefore be ‘right’ and never left out. Yet fakes must come across as intelligent too — so they try to play chess with their fake brains — trying to phish and pawn real people — so that their ego stands vindicated.

It’s a tough world for the ‘real’ people then — who seek the real deal and nothing less. Alliance with the ‘fakes’ seem to be a compromise.

On the other hand of my people spectrum, I have the genuine and sincere versions of hard-work, labor of love and the spirit of creativity that sparks bright and lights up others’ world too. This tribe is made up of infinite possibilities — the do till you die attitude and scoff at all things shallow. Brings to mind, Howard Roark? No wonder, then , I have retreated back into reading Fountainhead for the second time — to only dig my deep roots deeper and vibe with the right tribe.

The Circle and my own current Circle make me realize the value of valor lies in affirming the boldness of truth ruthlessly — standing up for the entire tribe as one, sharing out loud the one story in one voice and having each others’ back all the way — until the very end.

‘Fakes’ are so shallow that they are rid with insecurities and constantly on the look-out for trouble — self-created for self or others for their sadistic delights. They lack confidence to hold their head high, facts to hold their spine upright and real gumption to stand in the crowd without sucking in their gut.

So long social conditioning had made us try to prioritize these fakes over the reals — as fakes were less trouble. But are they?

Are these social conditioning programs now breaking down? Are we slowly realizing our own worth and finding our own pack of wolves to carry us to the light? I suppose so. I clearly have found and nothing feels stronger than that dawn of awakening!



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