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Averee Burman
2 min readJun 8, 2021


Sinless indulgence and Ice-Cream don’t often go hand in hand. The very first time, I could equate both was because of Natural’s. I remember my very first tender coconut flavoured ice-cream, standing with my collage mates at the Juhu outlet.

Suddenly, with BFY claims rife across F&B and consumers today, more conscious of what they eat and why — ice-cream, as a category too, had to be shaken up from it’s “sweet dreams.”

High incidences of “insperience” triggered by the Pandemic, saw us frantically looking for new and better options in the Swiggy and Zomato dashboards.

One such exploration led me to the new world of Ice-Creams. Enter The Brooklyn Creamery goodness.

What caught my interest were the flavors — old gold familiar ones with a 50% less calorie call-out and some new age flavor innovations. Sea-salt caramel, lavender berry, coffee afrogatto, chocolate fudge brownie, peaches and gold, butter pecan….and what not!

Can there be a Canine TBC too, please?

7 quick bullet points on what I LOVE about Brooklyn Creamry :

  1. Yes! It’s good for my waist line! I can finally indulge guilt-free!

2. Love the pack color — the shade of blue is tempting, refreshing and inviting all at once. Blue, the dairy category code and also that of “light”, easily tell me the product story, making me visualize an ice-cream that will effortlessly be light on my stomach.

3. New vegan options! So needed in tide of the times as well as the pocketful of folks, like me, who are lactose intolerant.

4. Easy access to this cup of goodness! Swiggy / Zomato it anyday. Also available at leading marts.

5. Mix of local and global flavors. An easy everyday dessert that offers variety with no price to pay for it.

6. Quirky acronym : TBC — The Brooklyn Creamry. Pun intent lands, obviously!

7. The anyday, anytime and an anywhere refresher. Dessert does not always mean an after food indulgence — the flavors fluidly slip into any occasion adds spark to that moment! And oh — it has a tiny spoon too, as I rip it open!

As I quickly also scan the IG handle and the reviews online, I do see some important game-changers, that is still missing from TBC. For instance, maybe, would love to see TBC paired better with something more Indian or maybe shown in different moods / moments! Maybe TBC could be more salient across, so that there are more like us, who know about TBC.

Interested to know more on these lines — ping away TBC!



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