India > The Auto-wala theory! (Copyright the coinage)

  1. Untrustworthy — an unusual alacrity to over charge beyond reasonable means
  2. Insect-like — crawls into any spot in the traffic without regard to other commuters and crowd around in hoards. Just like insects or the moths to a flame.
  3. Jugaado — the quintessential Indian word to describe the mentality. Squeezing for any benefit from anywhere and anyhow. To get what you want is the goal — the short cut is not even a backward glance.
  4. Malefic — accidents are only a “touch” away as the autos try to out-maneuver traffic to its whims
  5. The “kuch bhi chalega” mentality — least effort placed at being ethical but most at con-conviction



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Averee Burman

Averee Burman

Word-Painter | Shallow-Thinker | Dog-ma | Utopian-Dystopian | Day-dreamer | Closet-singer | Coffee-crazy | Whisky-girl | Gin-jiver |Wine-whiner | Chocolate-chor